Microsoft Stores Head to China

by William White | July 11, 2013 10:36 am

Microsoft NASDAQ:MSFT[1]Microsoft (MSFT[2]) is planning to increase its physical retail presence by opening new Microsoft Stores.

Microsoft chief operating officer Kevin Turner, announced Wednesday that Microsoft will open 26 new Microsoft stores[3] by June 2014. Turner also said that some of the new stores being added will be located in China.

Microsoft is increasing it focus on China after Windows Phones saw large sales in the country. The company even launched a specialized version of its Surface tablet in China earlier this year, and is hiring new workers to boost the service of Windows Phone and cloud in China, reports Neowin.

Microsoft currently has 75 stores across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, which includes 43 full-line stores and 32 specialty stores, reports Neowin.

Microsoft Stores were launched in 2009[4] and carry Windows PCs, Windows Phones, Xbox and Microsoft’s own Surface tablets.

MSFT shares were up 1.5% as of writing Thursday, continuing a 20% year-to-date run.

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