Microsoft to Turn Off MSN TV (AKA: Web TV)

by William White | July 8, 2013 2:47 pm

Microsoft NASDAQ:MSFT[1]Microsoft (MSFT[2]) is shutting down its MSN TV (formerly Web TV) service September 30[3].

One of the first services to bring internet to television, Web TV was found founded by Steve Perlman in 1996. Microsoft bought the company one year later for $425 million. Microsoft changed its name from Web TV to MSN TV in 2001 to better link it with MSN Messenger and MSN Hotmail, reports CNET.

The decision to shutdown MSN TV is likely due to Microsoft’s Xbox One coming out this fall. The new console has a stronger focus on TV programming than its predecessor the Xbox 360 had.

The announcement to stop MSN TV services was met with  little care, with comments like[4] “This existed??” and “Am I the only who never heard of it?” being found in the comment sections of articles reporting on the shutdown.

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