Monday Apple Rumors: iPhone 5S to Launch on Sept. 6

by Christopher Freeburn | July 29, 2013 12:39 pm

daily apple rumors AAPL[1]Here are your Apple rumors[2] and AAPL news items for today:

Surprise: A report from a German media source claims that Apple‘s (AAPL[3]) newest flagship iPhone could reach consumers earlier than expected[4], the Daily Mail notes. Insider sources tell the German-language website iFun that the iPhone 5S could go on sale as early as September 6. Recent rumors from a variety of other sources indicated that the newest iPhone would not hit store shelves until late September at the earlier due to manufacturing difficulties. If the iPhone 5S is to launch in early September, that implies that Apple will unveil the device in late August. The report also says Apple is planning to debut two other new iPhones along with the iPhone 5S. Those could be the long-rumored cheaper iPhone and possibly a larger-screen iPhone. While most analysts expect Apple to launch a cheaper iPhone this year, very few are predicting the debut of a larger-screen iPhone before late next year.

Shakeup: Rumors are swirling around a key Apple executive[5], TechCrunch notes. The online profile of the company’s Senior Vice President of Technologies, Bob Mansfield, suddenly disappeared from its website over the weekend. Apple confirmed on Monday that Mansfield has stepped down as vice president, but says that he will remain with the company. According to Apple, Mansfield will now oversee special projects and will report directly to CEO Tim Cook. Last year, Mansfield announced plans to retire from Apple, but opted to stay on after the head of iOS software development, Scott Forstall, was ousted. Mansfield has been with Apple since 1998.

Allegations: Labor activists are accusing another company in Apple’s supply chain[6] of abusing workers, CNNMoney notes. China Labor Watch (CLW) claims that Pegatron, which makes iPhones and Mac computers for Apple, is violating Apple’s 60-hour workweek rule for employees. Apple mandates that all overtime work by supplier employees must be voluntary. However, CLW says that workers at three Pegatron factories in China worked an average of between 66 and 69 hours a week. The organization also claims that Pegatron hires underaged workers and has problems with pollution and employee abuse at the factories. Apple is reportedly dispatching inspectors to Pegatron factories to examine the claims. Apple has previously faced criticism from labor groups about labor practices at its long-time manufacturing partner, Foxconn.

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