Monopoly’s Jail Endures, Despite Erroneous Report

by Christopher Freeburn | July 26, 2013 12:25 pm

monopoly game[1]An errant report about a much-beloved Hasbro (HAS[2]) board game caused a minor Internet uproar[3] on Thursday.

The toy maker moved quickly to correct information contained in a Wall Street Journal article, which suggested that a new version of the classic board game Monopoly would ditch the game’s long-standing “jail” feature, FastCompany notes.

Responding to media inquiries and fevered web chatter, Hasbro affirmed that the jail — in which players are confined until they make a lucky dice roll — continues to be a feature in the new Monopoly Empire version.

The newest version of Monopoly allows players to buy popular commercial brand names, including McDonald’s (MCD[4]), Coca-Cola (KO[5]) and Microsoft‘s (MSFT[6]) Xbox, instead of places like Boardwalk and Park Avenue.

In addition to different properties, Monopoly Empire features different pieces for each player, including a box of McDonald’s french fries, a Coca-Cola bottle and an Xbox game controller.

Earlier this year, Hasbro sponsored a Facebook (FB[7]) contest that let Monopoly enthusiasts to replace one of the classic game’s pieces. A piece shaped like a cat was the winner and will replace the long-standing iron piece[8].

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