Mystery Man Buys 500 Tim Hortons’ Customers Free Coffee

by William White | July 25, 2013 1:34 pm

Tim Hortons THI[1]Tim Hortons’ (THI[2]) customers in Ottawa, Canada[3], received a nice surprise in the form of free coffee, on Thursday morning.

A mystery man came into the coffeehouse and donated $860 to pay for customer’s purchases, which is about 500 large cups of free coffee. A Tim Hortons manager said that customers were happy to find out that their coffee was free. The free coffee sold out in about an hour, reports the National Post.

This makes the third time this week that a mysterious stranger has donated money to give people free coffee at a Tim Hortons.

The first event took place on Monday[4], when a man gave a Tim Hortons in Edmonton close to $900. On Wednesday, another individual donated the same amount of money to a Tim Hortons in Calgary.

Some believe that these events are a promotion by Tim Hortons.

“It’s definitely not Tim Horton’s doing, I can assure you of that,” Michelle Robichard, spokeswoman for Tim Hortons, told CBC News.

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