Naked Woman Distracts Homeowner While Husband Robs House

by Ryan Hauck | July 11, 2013 11:59 am

A pair of crooks took a page out of Roxy’s playbook[1] this week to pull off a $1,200 burglary right under the homeowner’s nose, according to the Crossville Chronicle[2].

The victim, identified by Nashville’s WKRN[3] as Stephen Amaral of Crossville, Tenn., says he was approached by two neighbors, a husband and wife, who requested to use his pool. When Amaral consented, the wife asked her husband to fetch her cigarettes from their house nearby. With hubby out of the way, the woman asked Amaral if she could swim nude, shedding her clothes when Amaral told her he didn’t mind.

Unbeknownst to Amaral, as he watched his naked neighbor doing backstrokes in his pool, the woman’s husband was ransacking his house, making off with jewelry, medication, and a handgun from Amaral’s time as a deputy in Mississippi.

While the two perpetrators have been identified, no arrests have been made in the ongoing investigation surrounding the theft, according to local police.

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