NFL May Get Its First Full-Time Female Referee in 2014

by Christopher Freeburn | July 11, 2013 11:08 am

Football[1]Next year a woman could take the field during a National Football League game[2].

She won’t be a player, but she might be enforcing the rules. Sarah Thomas, who recently participated at the NFL’s officiating development program at the Indianapolis Colts minicamp, could serve as a referee at some pre-season NFL games this year and is in line to get regular season referee spot when a current referee departs, the Sporting News notes.

If Thomas gets the job — and she is expected to — she will become the first permanent female referee in NFL history. Another woman, Shannon Easton, served as a temporary line judge at both a regular and pre-season game last year. Eastin may be barred from serving as a permanent ref due to her past as a poker player. NFL gambling rules would prevent her from working as a ref during league games.

Thomas will still have to pass a round of background checks, evaluations and interviews with league officials.

In May, Amy Trask, the NFL’s first female team CEO, announced that she had left the Oakland Raiders[3]. She had served as the Raiders CEO since 1997.

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