Pennsylvania Beauty Forced to Pay Donald Trump $5M

by Christopher Freeburn | July 8, 2013 12:08 pm

donaldtrump[1]When Sheena Monnin signed up to compete in the Miss USA contest she probably didn’t imagine she’d wind up in debt to Donald Trump[2].

Last Tuesday, however, a federal judge ruled that Monnin — formerly Miss Pennsylvania — will have to pay the iconic real estate titan $5 million for publicly claiming that the beauty contest was rigged, the Daily News notes.

Responding to the ruling, Monnin expressed disappointment, but hinted that federal regulators were probing her complaints. She is seeking donations for a fund covering her legal expenses.

Monnin leveled her accusations at the pageant last year after a poor finish during the swimsuit competition. In both Facebook (FB[3]) posts and media appearances, she claimed that winners were chosen beforehand and that much of the pageant was scripted.

Trump, who runs the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants vehemently denied the allegations and took Moonin to arbitration seeking $10 million in damages. After winning a $5 million judgement, which Moonin ignored, Trump sued in federal court.

In February, Trump threatened to sue rapper Mac Miller[4] for a portion of the royalties from his song Donald Trump.

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