Premium Cruise Line Fails Surprise Inspection

by William White | July 25, 2013 2:19 pm

A luxury cruise ship failed a surprise inspection[1] after the CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program payed it a visit on June 17.

The ship is called the Silver Shadow, and it was cited multiple times for trying hide food in crew cabins to avoid inspection. The surprise inspection came about when the CDC was sent photographs by an anonymous crew member of the food being hidden. The inspection resulted in a failing grade of 82 for the Silver Shadow (a passing grade is 84 or above). To prevent the further use of the food inspectors poured chlorine on it, reports CNN.

Silversea Cruises, owners of the Silver Shadow, received no fine and were only asked to by the CDC to correct the issues. This is because the CDC has no authority over cruise ships , reports CNN.

“Silversea is deeply disappointed by this specific and only unsatisfactory score and has taken immediate measures to address the issues identified in the inspection report,” Silversea Cruises told USA Today[2].

The company notes that the Silver Shadow passed its last six inspections with scores in the 95 to 99 range, reports USA Today.

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