Sneak Peek Inside Boeing’s New Commercial Space Capsule

by William White | July 23, 2013 10:04 am

Boeing (BA[1]) revealed Monday[2], what the interior of its new commercial space capsule looks like.

Boeing showed off a full-scale model of its new space capsule, the CST-100. The capsule can fit up to seven passengers, has a storage area for cargo and a freezer for transporting science experiments, reports the

“The interior of the vehicle brings out the best of Boeing. The floor and what we call the seat struts, the seat pallet where the seats sit, were built by our Boeing commercial airplanes folks,” Tony Castilleja, a Boeing CST-100 mechanical engineer, told

The inside of the capsule is lit with Boeing’s sky blue-tinted LED lighting.

“The Boeing look is on purpose,” Castilleja told “You are going to get the same look and feel as you are flying on a 747 as you are flying on a spacecraft.”

Click here to see interior photos of the CST-100.[3]

NASA currently has no space shuttles of its own for traveling to and from space, and are instead relying off of Russia for transportation. The CST-100 will allow NASA to fly for cheaper than what it does with Russia, which charges $63 million per seat, reports Fox News[4].

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