The Video Clip FedEx Won’t Want You to See

by Christopher Freeburn | July 26, 2013 10:26 am

fedex truck 630[1]A very unlucky FedEx (FDX[2]) employee in New York City had no idea that someone in the car behind her truck was committing her work habits to video earlier this month[3].

If she had, she might might have been a little gentler with the boxes she was flinging into the back of her delivery truck. The video, which of course ended up posted on Google‘s (GOOG[4]) YouTube, shows the woman, clad in her FedEx uniform tossing packages like horse shoes, Gothamist notes.

When a non-FedEx employee offers to help her, she apparently shows him how to fling the boxes in the most efficient manner.

Not surprisingly, FedEx issued a statement to Gothamist expressing disappointment with the employee’s performance. The delivery giant said the behavior on the video does “not reflect out professional expectations” and “falls short of what is expected.” It also noted that the employee will receive “appropriate corrective action.”

The video was reportedly shot on July 24 in Midtown Manhattan.

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