Toyota to Be First Automaker Ever to Reach Production Milestone

by William White | July 31, 2013 9:44 am

toyota[1]Toyota Motors (TM[2]) plans to become the first automaker to produce over 10 million[3] cars a year.

Toyota expects to roll out about 10.1 million vehicles in 2013, which is 200,00 higher than previously expected. The automaker’s profits for 2013 are expected to reach $17 billion. This is a 74% increase over the last year’s profits. The company will likely keep production of vehicles above the 10 million mark in coming years. Toyota will reports its earning on Friday, reports Bloomberg.

Toyota produced just under 10 million[4] vehicles last year, making it the number one automaker in the world. Around 3.3 million of the 10.1 million cars being manufactured by the company this year will be made in Japan.

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