Pssword3Yoplait Gives Its Greek Yogurt a Major Makeover

by Karl Utermohlen | July 22, 2013 5:10 pm

General Mills (GIS[1]) yogurt brand Yoplait is looking to become relevant again in the yogurt industry with a revamped version of its traditional Greek yogurt.

Yoplait, a relative latecomer to the Greek yogurt game, has suffered a steep decline in sales and market share recently, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune[2]. However, Greek 100 — its low-cal Greek offering — has been its hottest new Yoplait product in two decades, according to Yoplait’s marketing director.

Greek yogurt itself is now a booming industry, encompassing around 40% of all yogurt sales currently compared to just 2% six years ago.

The new version of Yoplait’s Greek yogurt will be thicker than the previous one, and it will have a stronger tart taste. It also will have new packaging and brand-new flavors.

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