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Add This to the List of Boeing 787 Glitches

Battery problems grounded the plane earlier this year


787dreamlinerA Boeing (BA) 787 Dreamliner operated by Japan Airlines flying from Japan to Helsinki was recalled after inspectors at Tokyo’s airport discovered wiring problems on a Dreamliner owned by All Nippon Airways (ANA).

Defective wiring in engine fire extinguishers was found during a pre-flight check of the ANA Dreamliner. The airline is attempting to determine whether the problem would have prevented the extinguishers from functioning during an engine fire. The wiring on all ten of Japan Airlines’ Dreamliners is also being examined, Sky News notes.

Boeing 787 Makes Unscheduled Landing Over Fuel Pump Issue
Boeing 787 Makes Unscheduled Landing Over Fuel Pump Issue

The wiring issue is just the latest problem reported with Boeing’s new jet. The Dreamliner features a number of high-tech, fuel-saving innovations, but manufacturing problems delayed delivery of the jet for years.

Earlier this year, aviation authorities around the world grounded all 787 Dreamlines after a series of incidents, including a fire in the belly of one jet at Boston’s international airport.

The problem was ultimately traced to the plane’s lithium-ion batteries. Boeing developed a containment system to prevent battery-overheating and fires and the planes resumed flights in May.

In June, a fire broke out on an Ethiopian Airlines 787 at London’s Heathrow International Airport. That incident was later linked to batteries in the plane’s emergency locator device.

Shares of Boeing fell almost 1% in Wednesday morning trading.

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