American Airlines Employee Sent Bomb Threats to Rival Airline

by Christopher Freeburn | August 23, 2013 9:30 am

Plane[1]Some people take competition too far[2].

On Monday, Patrick Cau, a former flight attendant trainee at AMR‘s (AAMRQ[3]) American Airlines, will face sentencing in a California court over eight separate bomb threats made against United Airlines (UAL[4]) flights. Those threats postponed the targeted flights at a cost of $267,912 to United, Reuters notes.

After his name was discovered on a “no-fly” list, American Airlines fired Cau in April.

Under a plea deal with the government, Cau confessed to calling in the bomb threats using public pay phones. The calls were placed between October and January in a number of cities, including Las Vegas, New York, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Earlier this year, American Airlines and U.S. Airways (LCC[5]) agreed to an $11 billion merger, forming the largest air carrier in the world[6].

However, last week, federal regulators sued the airlines to block the merger[7], citing concerns over competition.

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