Another Airline to Offer Child-Free Section

by William White | August 23, 2013 1:52 pm

Scoot Airlines, a Singapore budget airline, allows passenger to upgrade to a child-free section[1].

The upgrade to Scoot’s “ScootinSilence” area is $14. The area is a 41-seat cabin that no one under the age of 12 is allowed to enter. The child-free cabin also offers fliers more leg room. Fliers in the ScootinSilence cabin will have an additional 4 inches to stretch out in. The child free section may seem a little harsh, but its a growing trend. In June a sushi restaurant located in Virginia was in the media spotlight for refusing to serve anyone under 18 years of age, reports ABC News.

“No offence to our young guests, or those travelling with them, you still have the rest of the aircraft to choose from,” Campbell Wilson, CEO of Scoot Airlines, told The Sydney Morning Herald[2].

AirAsia X started offering fliers the ability to be seated in a child-free zone[3] in February. The airline doesn’t offer a separate cabin for those who don’t want to be near children, but instead won’t allow children under 12 to sit in the first seven rows of seats.

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