AOL CEO Fires Employee Mid-Conference Call for Snapping Pic

by Christopher Freeburn | August 12, 2013 12:15 pm

tim armstrong aol ceo[1]Things took a turn for the awkward[2] during a recent AOL (AOL[3]) company conference call.

On Friday, CEO Tim Armstrong addressed employees about plans for its Patch network of local websites. During the phone call, which was heard by 1,000 workers, Armstrong spotted Patch’s Creative Director Abel Lenz taking his picture, CNN notes.

The head of the struggling Internet pioneer did not take kindly to having his picture taken. “Abel — put that camera down right now. Abel! You’re fired. Out!” he snapped at Lenz. After a brief silence, Armstrong resumed his discussion of Patch’s future.

AOL plans to consolidate Patch, shedding about a third of the current 900 websites[4].

Oddly, Armstrong had just told the workers that leaks about his plans for Patch did not concern him.

Shares of AOL fell slightly in Monday midday trading.


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