AOL CEO Issues Apology Over Public Firing

by William White | August 14, 2013 1:42 pm

tim armstrong aol ceo[1]AOL (AOL[2]) CEO Tim Armstrong sent an apology[3] on Tuesday to employees that were present for a public firing last week.

The apology was sent to AOL’s Patch employees at 4:30 p.m. The apology has Armstrong admitting that he made a mistake when he fired Abel Lenz, who was Patch’s creative director, during a conference. Armstrong claims that Lenz had previously been told to stop recording and taking pictures of conferences. The AOL CEO claims that his emotional outburst was due to the content of the meeting, which was to prepare employees that work on Patch for coming layoffs. AOL won’t be hiring Lenz back, but Armstrong did contact him to apologize for his actions, reports The New York Times.

What was strange about the firing was that Armstrong had told workers before the conference that he wasn’t worried about leaks[4] containing his plans for Patch.

AOL is expected to announce layoffs to workers on either Thursday or Friday, reports NYT.

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