Beer Battle: Anheuser-Busch Claims Coors Overhypes Its Cans

by Karl Utermohlen | August 15, 2013 11:17 am

MillerCoors — the joint venture of Molson Coors (TAP[1]) and SABMiller — is being summoned by the Federal Trade Commission after the company was accused of exaggerated claims regarding its Coors Light cans.

The ad in question on MillerCoors’ website claim that Coors Light cans are more advanced than other beer cans, and thus make Coors Light beers more refreshing.

The ad has a picture of the can placed in front of a frosted mountain that details the different parts of the can that make it stand out. These include a “new double vented wide mouth,” a “frost brew liner” on the edge of the mouth, “cold activated mountains,” and “2 stage cold indicators” on the lower part of the can.

Ad Week reports[2] that Anheuser-Busch­ (BUD[3]) brought MillerCoors’ Coors Light ads to the attention of the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council’s National Advertising Division.

The beer giant is defending its ads by saying they are either “puffery” or the truth, but said the ads will be discontinued after September.

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