Betty Crocker Donates Free Cakes to State’s First Same-Sex Weddings

by William White | August 2, 2013 9:46 am

Gay Pride[1]General Mills’ (GIS[2]) Betty Crocker showed its support of same-sex marriage on Thursday[3].

The first three same-sex couples to be married in Minnesota took a trip to the Betty Crocker Kitchen. Here the couples each tested three different wedding cakes made to suit their taste. After the couples decided which cakes they liked the best, Betty Crocker donated those cakes to them. The three couples were married at Minneapolis City Hall and Como Park Conservatory in St. Paul on August 1st, reports GLAAD.

The cake donation is part of Betty Crocker’s The Families Project[4], which believes that “a family is a family, no matter how it’s arranged.”

General Mills launched another campaign to support gay rights[5] in June. The campaign was called #LuckyToBe, and showed support for gay rights with the Lucky Charms rainbow marshmallow.

The bill that permits same-sex marriage[6] in Minnesota was signed on May 14, but didn’t go into effect until August 1st.

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