Company Insists ‘Thumbells’ for Texting Fitness Are No Joke

by Karl Utermohlen | August 2, 2013 3:11 pm

Two in five people have reported having thumb pain in the last five years according to research done by UK phone carrier O2. Half of these people have attributed this pain to texting, one of the most common methods of communication today.

ABC News reported on Wednesday[1] that O2 has created a new product called ‘thumbell’, a thumb dumbbell that helps strengthen thumbs. The company’s general manager of devices said that it has created this product in order to avoid thumb pain from texting by increasing thumb endurance.

The thumbells are part of O2’s Fit for 4G campaign, and they come with a fitness routine that is supposed to gradually strengthen the user’s thumbs. O2 isn’t the first company to come up with such a product as BlackBerry came up with a thumb and hand exercise glove a few years back.

While some think that the announcement of the thumbells is a gag, the company insists that it is serious about its product which is currently being tested.

  1. ABC News reported on Wednesday:

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