Crushed-Cricket Protein Bars May Make Eating Insects Mainstream

by Christopher Freeburn | August 22, 2013 10:14 am

crickets[1]When most people think of crickets, they think of a night-time chorus in the woods. One upstart food-maker hopes consumers can be persuaded to think of the insects as part of a tasty snack[2].

Exo, founded by Gabi Lewis and Greg Swetz, is promoting a line of protein bars made from crickets as a nutritious alternative to other snacks. The company is also positioning the protein bars as an example of foods made from a sustainable source, FoodNavigator notes.

Its cricket-based protein bars were crafted by a professional chef and will be priced around $2.80 each. The bars are aimed at health-focused consumers, but hope to gain traction with a broader market.

The company is currently looking for financing on crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter, where it has amassed almost $50,000 in initial pledges. It is looking for a U.S.-based production partner to start making the protein bars.

There has been talk of introducing insects into the food chain for years. And, while many popular foods use ingredients that are drawn from insects — some dyes, for instance — the idea of eating products directly made from insects has not received an enthusiastic reception from the public.

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