CVS to Shorten Receipt After Viral Mockery

by Karl Utermohlen | August 28, 2013 1:19 pm

CVS (CVS[1]) has agreed to reduce the length of its long receipts after receiving complaints by its customers and being ridiculed by the media.

Some of the pharmaceuticals company’s receipts have been more than 3 feet long and the company has announced that it will reduce the length by 25%, according to Daily Finance[2]. CVS made this announcement shortly after being the subject of ridicule when one consumer posted a picture online of his receipt which was 38 inches long even though it was for one item.

The recipients of these long receipts are mostly customers who are part of the ExtraCare Rewards program, meaning they save money with rewards and coupons. Although the company is cutting down on how much paper it uses, these receipts could still end up being longer than 2 feet.

CVS said that it will reduce how much paper it uses even further by expanding its ‘Send to Card’ program which sends coupons directly to customers’ ExtraCare card instead of having to save their large receipts.

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