Delta Plans Big, Happy Change to Its Airline Food

by William White | August 16, 2013 3:39 pm

Delta Air Lines DAL[1]Delta Air Lines (DAL[2]) signed a deal[3] with New York restaurateur, Danny Meyer, on Wednesday.

The deal will have Meyer helping Delta make its food taste less like what customers expect on an airline. Meyer has chosen to supply Delta with food from his Blue Smoke restaurants, which serve mostly barbecue dishes. The chefs working at these restaurants will work to create meals worthy of a first-class ticket’s $5,000 price tag. The decision by Meyer to serve barbecue on Delta flights is likely due to the fact that barbecue can be prepared in advance and doesn’t lose much moisture when reheated. Another factor that was probably taken into account is that taste is duller at higher altitudes. The strong flavor of something that’s been barbecued will likely still taste good at 30,000 feet. Meyer will also be working to improve hospitality in the air. Many fliers tell horror stories about receiving horrible service while flying, and Meyer is looking to change that, reports Businessweek.

If the barbecued food goes well with Delta fliers, the company may look to offer more meals[4] from Meyer’s restaurants.

DAL shares have increased by 1% as of Friday evening, continuing a 66% year-to-date run.

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