Doctors Remove Tumor Using an iPad

by Burke Speaker | August 21, 2013 9:48 am

German doctors performed a rare and unique surgery to remove two liver tumors from a patient by using an Apple (AAPL[1]) iPad.

Reuters reports[2] that the three-hour surgery using the iPad was the first of its kind in Germany last week by Karl Oldhafer, chief physician of general and visceral surgery at Asklepios Hospital Hamburg-Barmbek.

The iPad method, the doctors say, helps the surgical teams to locate the tumors with greater ease and clearer imaging.

From the International Business Times:[3]

For the surgery, the liver was filmed on the iPad and overlaid during the operation with virtual 3D models that were reconstructed from the real organ, explained Bianka Hofmann from Fraunhofer MEWIS institute in Bremen that developed the procedure.

For photos of the amazing procedure, click here.[4]

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