Dollar Tree to Add Refrigerated/Frozen Sections to 550 Stores

by William White | August 23, 2013 3:16 pm

Dollar Tree (DLTR[1]) announced on Thursday[2] that it will add refrigerated and frozen sections to 550 of its stores.

Dollar Tree added coolers to 215 of its stores during its second quarter. The discount chain currently has coolers in 2,993 of its 4,842 locations. Robert Sasser, CEO of Dollar Tree, said that it added coolers to its stores because it “serves the current needs of our customers, drives traffic into our stores and provides incremental sales across all categories including our higher-margin discretionary product.” The company also opened an additional 81 stores and has relocated or remodeled 32 of its stores during its second quarter, reports Supermarket News.

Dollar Tree also posted its second-quarter earnings on Thursday. The company saw a 9% increase[3] in revenue. Dollar Tree stores that had been open for at least a year saw a 4% increase in revenue.

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