FDA (Finally) Sets Gluten-Free Labeling Standards

by Karl Utermohlen | August 2, 2013 1:54 pm

The Congress has been calling on the Food and Drug Administration since 2004 to set a standard for the amount of gluten that is acceptable in products labeled gluten-free, and they have finally done so.

The New York Times reports[1] that the federal government has set a gluten limit in gluten-free products of 20 parts per million. Many companies had already been using this amount of gluten as their limit for gluten-free products after the FDA proposed it back in 2007.

Gluten-free products have been on the rise since Congress called on the FDA to set standards for these products aimed at the 1% of Americans with celiac disease. A consumer market research company reported that sales of gluten-free products exceeded the $4 billion mark in 2012.

Looking to cash in on the booming gluten-free market, many companies have started releasing products for the millions of Americans who suffer from celiac disease.

  1. The New York Times reports: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/03/health/fda-sets-standard-for-foods-labeled-gluten-free.html

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