Friday Apple Rumors: Apple Braces for iOS 7 User Shock

by Christopher Freeburn | August 30, 2013 12:59 pm

daily apple rumors AAPL[1]Here are your Apple rumors[2] and AAPL news items for today:

First Responders: In advance of the launch of its latest mobile operating system, Apple (AAPL[3]) is training its customer support staff to deal with potential user confusion[4], 9to5Mac notes. Apple is expected to release iOS 7 to Apple device users shortly after the debut of its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C next month. The company showed off a preliminary version of the new user interface at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Directed by lead designer Jony Ive, the overhaul of iOS has included ditching the skeudomorphic elements contained in all previous iOS iterations and adding a number of new features, including an enhanced camera app, an updated Safari browser and more integrated cloud storage and file-sharing options. Apple is hoping to complete training for its AppleCare staff by the second week of September, in time for the launch of iOS 7. Some analysts have predicted that long-time iOS users will find iOS 7’s appearance shockingly different compared to past versions. In addition to its AppleCare staff, the company is assigning large numbers of Mac Hardware and OSX technical staff to receive iOS 7 training, allowing it to field a larger team to answer potential customer questions about the radical redesign.

Exchange: A long-rumored trade-in program for older iPhones kicks-off at Apple’s retail stores today[5], USA TODAY notes. Under the program, iPhone owners who want to upgrade to a newer model can bring their current iPhone to an Apple Store where they will receive store credit. That credit can only be applied toward the purchase of a new iPhone, however. The program launches less than two weeks before the company is widely expected to unveil its updated flagship iPhone 5S on September 10. The trade-in program is designed to attract more iPhone sales to Apple Stores, a goal set by CEO Tim Cook earlier this year. A number of companies, including Gazelle, have thrived on the purchase of used iPhones. Gazelle recently announced that iPhone owners who sell their devices to Gazelle can hold on to them until October 19. The move was seen as a bid to preemptively compete with Apple’s new trade-in program.

Gallic Outrage: Rumors that Apple could produce a “champagne” colored version of its iPhone 5S have not gone over well in France[6], the Washington Post notes. Recent rumors indicate that Apple will release a gold-colored version of its new iPhone 5S next month, alongside the traditional white and black models. The gold-colored iPhone is likely meant to boost competitiveness in Asian markets, where gold is a popular color. Some reports say that Apple may call the phone’s color “champagne” instead of gold. That has drawn fierce opposition from France’s Interprofessional Committee for Champagne Wine. The group’s legal director says, “we can’t say that a ‘champagne’ color exists.” A company that uses the term would only be doing so to leverage the “benefits” that surround the champagne name. The group, which zealously guards the champagne name, could file suit against Apple if it does release a “champagne” colored iPhone. It has previously sued food and apparel makers over use of the word “champagne.”

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