GM to Give 2 Trucks New Look, Keep Same Names

by Christopher Freeburn | August 8, 2013 11:56 am

Chevrolet Colorado[1]Though it is making major changes to the designs of two of its leading mid-sized pickup trucks[2], General Motors (GM[3]) is sticking with their current names.

Earlier this year, GM stopped making the current version of its GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado. New versions of the pickups will begin production in 2014. The re-styled GMC Canyon will be marketed toward professional buyers, while the new Chevrolet Colorado has been redesigned to appeal to lovers of the outdoors, the Associated Press notes.

The midsize pickups are expected to feature engines producing better mileage than full-sized pickups. A company executive noted that the two pickups’ existing names still resonated with consumers.

GM hopes that the new Colorado and Canyon will reignite the market for small and mid-sized trucks, which has waned in recent years.

Earlier this week, GM announced that it is cutting another $5,000 off the base price[4] of its battery-powered Chevy Volt.

Shares of GM climbed about 1% in Thursday morning trading.

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