GM to Offer Wireless Phone Charging Feature in Some Vehicles

by Christopher Freeburn | August 19, 2013 12:36 pm

1000px-General_Motors.svg[1]Smartphone users will find a convenient feature available[2] in a number of 2014 vehicles from General Motors (GM[3]).

The auto giant is partnering with Powermat Technologies to bring wireless charging pads to upcoming cars, SUVs and trucks. GM would become the first automaker to integrate wireless charging pads directly into its vehicles, The Detroit News notes.

Other automakers, including Fiat‘s (FIATY[4]) Chrysler and Toyota (TM[5]) have announced their intention to introduce wireless charging technology in future vehicles.

GM holds a stake in Powermat, which is part of the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) along with AT&T (T[6]) and BlackBerry (BBRY[7]). The PMA is battling the Wireless Power Consortium and Alliance for Wireless Power to set the standard for wireless charging technology.

In order to use the wireless charging pads, drivers must have smartphones equipped with built-in wireless charging technology or purchase wireless charging cases.

Shares of GM climbed modestly in Monday midday trading.

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