GM Vehicle Owners Are Paying More at the Pump

by William White | August 5, 2013 10:09 am

1000px-General_Motors.svg[1]General Motors (GM[2]) scores low on a fuel-efficiency study.

A recent study of 700 U.S. and foreign vehicles[3] available in 2013 found that six out of out of the top 10 least fuel-efficient cars are made by GM. The average cost to fuel a GM vehicle is 21.2 cents per mile. Honda (HMC[4]) on the other hand is the most fuel-efficient manufacturer with the average cost to fuel its vehicles at 12.8 cents per mile.

The cheapest car to fuel on the market is the Toyota (TM[5]) PriusC, which has a fuel cost of 7.2 cents per mile. The most expensive vehicle to own is the GM Yukon, which can cost up to 36.1 cent per mile to drive. Other most costly vehicles to drive include the Ford (F[6]) E350 at 33.4 cents per mile, and the Chevy Suburban at about 30 cents per mile, reports

The fuel-efficiency study done by was completed with information taken from[7].

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