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H&M Pulls Headdress After Backlash

Native Americans outraged over hipster accessory


A controversial H&M headdress has been pulled from its Canadian stores after a Native-American consumer spoke out on its offensive look.

CTV News reported on Friday that the apparel store removed the headdress after receiving much backlash from Native Americans. One particular customer noticed the item on one of H&M’s stores and emailed the company expressing her dissatisfaction with the accessory.

Kim Wheeler said that the faux headdress mocks Native American cultures with its brightly-colored feathers. The Ojibwa-Mohawk said that H&M failed in creating an accessory that honors Native American culture.

Whereas many people agreed with Wheeler’s statements via Facebook, there were others who didn’t see the headdress as racist and ignorant. One user equated the headdress with common clothing items that originate from a specific culture such as cowboy boots.

H&M’s headdress isn’t the first instance in which an apparel company pulled an item over controversy. There have been similar incidents within the last year or so including Adidas’ shoe shackles, Target’s ‘Manatee Gray’ shirts and Nike’s ‘sexist’ Olympic tee.

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