Jersey Shore Co-Workers Hold Second Winning Powerball Ticket

by William White | August 9, 2013 12:09 pm

Powerball-112512L[1]The second winning ticket[2] to the Powerball lottery has been found.

The ticket belongs to a group of 16 maintenance workers from the Vehicle Maintenance Department in Ocean County, New Jersey. The 16 winners plan to go public with their winnings next week, but they haven’t announced when they will validate their ticket. All of the maintenance workers have continued to show up for work since winning the Powerball jackpot, reports The Chicago Tribune.

“They are the most outstanding, dedicated group of people, and you’ll be so pleased to meet them next week,” Jim Pine, the Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance Department Director, told The Tribune.

The first Powerball winner[3] was Paul White, who is a project manager for a contracting company in Minnesota.

Three winning tickets[4] were sold, the final winning ticket is also in New Jersey, but the owner of the ticket has yet to come forward.

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