Logitech: Gaming Mouse Can go 250 Hours Straight

by Christopher Freeburn | August 27, 2013 11:55 am

LogitechPromo[1]Gamers tired of replacing wireless mouse batteries[2] can rejoice!

Logitech has unveiled its new G602 wireless gaming mouse, which will hit store shelves next month. The company claims the new mouse can run 250 hours on a fresh set of batteries in its high performance gaming mode, VentureBeat notes.

For less demanding use, the mouse features an “endurance” mode that can allow battery power to last up to 1,400 hours. Logitech has also created two mouse pads to help boost the G602’s performance, available separately for $20 each.

According to one Logitech executive, the new mouse has four times the battery life of rival wireless gaming mice.

The G602 will be priced at $80 a unit.

Shares of Logitech fell more than 1% in Tuesday midday trading.

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