‘Mini Cheetah’ That Roamed Detroit Streets Shot Dead

by Christopher Freeburn | August 28, 2013 11:20 am

savannah cat[1]It seems that even predatory animals have a hard time surviving in Detroit[2].

Last week, residents of Detroit’s east side contacted animal control authorities and the Michigan Humane Society after a large Savannah cat was spotted prowling through the neighborhood. But neither the police nor the Humane Society wanted to become involved, USA TODAY noted.

Paws for a Cause, a volunteer rescue group, began searching for the cat on Saturday. The three-year old cat, a cross between an African serval cat and a domesticated house cat, whose spotted coat causes it to resemble a miniature cheetah, had escaped from its owners’ home several weeks earlier. The cat was named Chum.

Sadly, the search for Chum ended on Monday night when the 25-pound cat was found dead. It had apparently been shot several days earlier and its body was dumped in a garbage can.

The founder of Paws for a Cause called the incident a “mess.” She said she hoped that authorities might investigate the animal’s death, but wasn’t “holding out a lot of hope.”

Detroit recently filed for bankruptcy protection[3], citing more than $18 billion in debt and little hope of paying its bills.

The city reportedly is home to as many as 50,000 abandoned dogs[4], some of which have attacked pets and people.

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