Minnesota Man Holds First Winning Powerball Ticket

by William White | August 9, 2013 11:38 am

Powerball-112512L[1]Paul White, 45, is the first to come forward with a winning ticket[2] for the Powerball lottery.

White, who is a project engineer at Elliott Contracting in Minneapolis, won $149.4 million, or one third of the Powerball jackpot. He chose to take his winnings in cash, which will award him $86 million ($58.3 million after taxes). White says that the first thing he will do with the money is buy a $30,000 Honda Motor’s (HMC[3]) Acura NSX that he has been looking at on Craigslist. He also says that he will buyback the first car his father ever owned. White doesn’t plan on working for the rest of his life, but did say that he’ll stay with Elliott Contracting a little longer because the company is really busy, reports CBS News.

There were three winning tickets[4] for the Powerball. The other two tickets were sold in New Jersey, one of which is held by a group of 16 co-workers[5].

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