New York Times Website Goes Down

by William White | August 15, 2013 11:14 am

the new york times building 630[1]The New York Times’ (NYT[2]) news and corporate websites, as well as the company’s mobile apps, went down for about two hours[3] on Wednesday.

The websites and apps were down from about 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesday. The sites and apps continued to experience technical issue into the afternoon. What caused the services to go down is still unclear. The New York Times believes that the problem stemmed from an internal issue. The company says that is has no reason to believe that the issues were related to a cyber attack, reports The Washington Post.

The New York Times websites and apps may have crashed due to stress on its servers. The news service had a busy day yesterday, partially due to the state of emergency[4] declared in Egypt, and the company’s servers where about to go through a scheduled maintenance when they crashed. The maintenance and the stress from all the people visiting the website may have been to much for the company’s servers to handle.

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