Nissan Promises Self-Driving Cars by 2020

by William White | August 28, 2013 11:52 am

Nissan NSANY[1]Nissan (NSANY[2]), announced on Tuesday[3], that it will have self-driving cars available at “realistic prices for consumers” by 2020.

Nissan teamed up with MIT, Stanford, Oxford and others to equip its Leaf with the Autonomous Drive system. The Autonomous Drive is Nissan’s own brand of self-driving technology developed from its Safety Shield technology. The Autonomous Drive uses laser scanners coupled with the Around-View Monitoring system to study its surroundings. The company has also installed artificial intelligence systems to help the car navigate around changing environments, reports Autoblog.

Nissan showed off self-driving Leafs yesterday. The vehicles drove through simulated urban driving conditions[4] while carrying passengers.

“The technology to create self-driving cars is already here,” Karl Brauer, senior industry analyst for Kelley Blue Book, told Bloomberg. “As sci-fi as it sounds, self-driving cars that don’t ever crash, reduce traffic congestion and make valet attendants obsolete are coming.”

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