‘NSYNC Reunion Rumors Are Flying

by Christopher Freeburn | August 21, 2013 12:32 pm

Fans of boy bands could have something to sing about[1]Nsync_-_album[2].

According to rumors, members of the popular late-1990’s band ‘NSYNC will take the stage together at the upcoming Music Video Awards show hosted annually by Viacom‘s (VIAB[3]) MTV. The band’s first on-stage gathering in years will occur as former ‘NSYNC lead singer Justin Timberlake receives a Video Vanguard Award for his solo career, Vulture notes.

However, former ‘NSYNC band member Lance Bass says that the rumors were sparked by a picture he posted on social media of himself and other band members at Timberlake’s last concert in Miami. Bass did not explicitly deny that they will appear on stage at the VMAs.

Formed in 1995, ‘NSYNC hit it big with two albums, No String Attached and Celebrity, before splitting up in 2002. The band had a string of chart-toppers popular with teenaged girls and launched Timberlake’s successful career as a solo artist.

Timberlake has been nominated for six awards at this year’s VMAs.

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