Olive Garden, Red Lobster Linked to Cyclospora-Tainted Salads

by William White | August 5, 2013 12:32 pm

Darden Restaurants NYSE:DRI[1]The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), confirmed on Saturday[2], that salads served at Darden Restaurants’ (DRI[3]) Red Lobster and Olive Garden are the cause of a stomach illness.

The salads came from Taylor Farms and were tainted with the virus, Cyclospora (Cypress 4). The virus is the cause of over 400 illnesses in 16 states, which has resulted in 22 people being hospitalized. Iowa had the highest number of Cypress 4 cases at 146, followed by Texas with 113, Nebraska with 81 and Florida with 25. 12 other states have reported cases in the single digits. Of these states, only restaurants in Iowa and Nebraska were supplied with salads by Taylor Farms, reports Reuters.

“We are fully confident along with health officials that in those states the product is out of the supply chain,” Rich Jeffers, a Darden Restaurants spokesman, told Reuters.

The main symptom[4] of Cypress 4 is watery diarrhea, but cramping, bloating, fatigue and weight loss can also occur.

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