Retailer Pulls Girls’ Tees After Outcry of Sexism

by Christopher Freeburn | August 7, 2013 3:28 pm

controversial t-shirt[1]It was intended to be funny, but women’s groups and some parents found it demeaning[2].

A t-shirt aimed at young girls was pulled from The Children’s Place (PLCE[3]) shelves after customers and advocates complained about the message it sent. The purple t-shirt carried the words “My Best Subjects” followed by a checklist that included “shopping, music, dancing and math.” All were checked, except math, under which the t-shirt read “Well, nobody’s perfect” in parentheses, notes.

The retailer’s Facebook (FB[4]) page quickly became filled with comments from both parents upset over the shirt and those that found it amusing. A women’s rights group issued a tweet saying, “Really, @ChildrensPlace? Really??”

On Tuesday evening, the company tweeted an apology to “anyone we may have offended” and said the shirt had been removed from all its stores.

Last month, Nike (NKE[5]) withdrew a shirt emblazoned with the Carolina Panthers logo on top of a silhouette of the state of South Carolina[6], labeled with the initials N.C.  The Panthers are based in Charlotte, N.C.


Shares of The Children’s Place fell more than 1% in Wednesday afternoon trading.

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