Skype Confirms 3D Video Calling Is in the Works

by Karl Utermohlen | August 29, 2013 12:45 pm

Microsoft (MSFT[1]) is working on a system that may one day allow its users to make 3D video chats via Skype.

PC Mag reports that the video-calling software[2] is not ready yet, but the company has already succeeded in making the technology necessary for 3D. Mark Gillet — Microsoft’s corporate vice president — said that running a technology such as a 3D video chat requires a lot of precision regarding how cameras are calibrated.

The 3D software could be a massive success in the future, but most users don’t have the capability at home to run a three-dimensional software. Microsoft hopes that its latest venture comes to fruition in the near future for computers and eventually for smartphones as well.

At the moment, Skype is working on a 1080p video software that will give users the ability to make “super-high definition” calls.

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