Strip Club’s Promo Mailer Is (Alarming) Marketing Fail

by Christopher Freeburn | August 16, 2013 4:40 pm

sand[1]A Maryland strip club decided to get potential clients in the end-of-summer mood with a little direct marketing. Instead, many recipients ended up calling the cops[2].

Baltimore-based Scores sent out mailers to inviting local business owners to an yearly luau party in envelopes that didn’t identify the sender on the outside. To go with the beach theme, a little sand was put inside the letters, the Baltimore Sun notes.

As the letters began arriving at business around the city, people spotted the sand — which, being store-bought, was exceedingly fine — and confused it for a toxin like anthrax or ricin. The letters were promptly dropped and fire departments called.

Hazmat teams tested the sand at various locations and determined that it wasn’t a threat. A Fire Department spokesperson said his agency was “spending a lot of resources” over the letters.

The Strip club has been cooperating with the fire department to calm fears over its entirely benign mailing.

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