Study: Even Moderate Sugar Intake Is Harmful to Your Health

The mice ate the human equivalent of 3 extra cans of soda a day

three miceA team of scientists from the University of Utah fed groups of mice diets containing differing levels of sugar and then watched the results. What they found does not bode well for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Female mice that were fed 25% more sugar died at twice the rate of mice who didn’t consume the added sugar, while male mice who ate the extra sugar were a quarter less fertile. One scientist involved in the research was so affected by the results that he immediate cut his own sugar intake and recommended that his family also restrict sugar consumption, CBS News notes.

Coca-Cola to Defend Sweetener in New Ad
Coca-Cola to Defend Sweetener in New Ad

Male mice that consumed additional sugar did not die at a rate significantly different from those in the control group. Females that ate more sugar produced more offspring at first, but that dwindled as females in that group died faster.

The additional 25% sugar intake in the mice’s diet was the equivalent of a human drinking three more cans of full-calorie soda per day. Health experts have long advised people to limit sugar intake to less than six tablespoons of sugar per day for women and less than nine tablespoons per day for men.

Mounting evidence about the impact of sugary drinks on people’s health has prompted soda makers like Coca-Cola (KO) and PepsiCo (PEP) to promote their low calorie products more aggressively.

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