The 30-day Countdown to A New Yahoo Logo

by William White | August 7, 2013 10:16 am

yahoo_possible_logo[1]Yahoo (YHOO[2]) announced Tuesday[3], that it will reveal its new logo on Sept. 4.

To build anticipation for the new logo, Yahoo has started “30 Days of Change,” which will reveal a possible new logo everyday until Sept. 4. The company has already decided on a new logo, but it developed many different version before it came to a decision. Only one of the logos has been revealed, which is the Yahoo logo in this article. Kathy Savitt, Yahoo’s marketing chief, is behind the logo change. Over the last year she has had studies done to see what people liked and loathed about the logo. It turns out that most people like the logo the way it is, reports All Things D.

Not wanting to completely change the logo, Yahoo has instead decided to only make minor adjustments[4] to it. Yahoo says it still wants to be “fun, vibrant, and welcoming,” which is why the company will keep the color purple, retain the exclamation point and still use the company’s iconic yodel.

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