The No. 1 Airline Passenger Complaint

by Karl Utermohlen | August 7, 2013 3:38 pm

There is nothing that annoys people who fly more than deceptive and unfair ticket pricing according to a survey conducted by the largest U.S. airline passenger organization.

Over 30,000 members of were surveyed in order to see what their biggest complaint was when flying, and ‘Deceptive and Unfair Ticket Pricing and Advertising’ came out on top. Paul Hudson—president of—said that this is the first time passengers picked deceptive and unfair ticket pricing as their top priority.

As a result of this survey, every major airline’s CEO will receive requests to change some of their companies’ policies. Hudson said that will report the CEOs’ responses in September.

Surveyed passengers were asked to pick their top three biggest complaints when flying and the second-biggest one was ‘Delays, Scheduling and Customer Service.’ The top three was rounded out by ‘Flight Safety, Security and Health Issues.’

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