Time Warner Cable Offering Free TV Antennas to CBS-Blackout Viewers

by Karl Utermohlen | August 23, 2013 11:33 am

Time Warner Cable (TWC[1]) has said that it will offer free antennas to those who want to watch CBS (CBS[2]) shows.

CNN Money reports that the cable company[3] is giving out indoor antennas for free due to the CBS blackout that’s been taking place since Aug. 2. TWC apologized to its customers for not having CBS at the moment, but the blackout will continue until it is able to strike a reasonable deal with the network.

The cable company added that if it gave in to CBS’s demands, cable TV prices would be through the roof. CBS first threatened to shut down its services to those who use TWC back in July 23 when the two companies were unable to reach a deal regarding the cost of CBS programming in its local affiliates.

This news follows TWC’s announcement on Wednesday that it will provide free tennis coverage to blackout customers[4].

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