Toyota Launches Hybrid Corolla in Japan

by Karl Utermohlen | August 6, 2013 2:31 pm

As of June 2013, Toyota (TM[1]) has sold over 40 million cars from their Corolla brand over eleven generations–the company has announced that a new generation of Corollas is on the horizon.

According to The Detroit News[2], Toyota has created hybrid and affordable versions of the Corolla Axio and Corolla Fielder. They will be released in Japan on Tuesday for the competitive prices of 1.925 million yen ($19,670) and 2.085 million yen respectively.

By the end of the month, Toyota expects to sell 1,000 Axio and 1,500 Fielder hybrids.

Two years from now, Toyota plans on having 17 different hybrid models similar to the Axio and Fielder hybrids. These gasoline-electric hybrids have higher fuel-economy ratings than Toyota’s regular gas Corollas.

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