Volcano Erupts in Japan, Covers City in Ash

by William White | August 19, 2013 3:30 pm

A volcano in Japan erupted on Sunday[1], it covered a nearby city with a layer of ash.

The Sakurajima volcano shot ash up to three miles in the air and had lava flow a little over half a mile away from the fissure. The eruption caused the nearby city of Kagoshima to be covered in a layer of ash. There were no injures caused by the eruption and city officials soon took to cleaning up the town. Kagoshima is use to experiencing the effects of Sakurajima’s eruptions. The volcano has erupted 500 times this year. Residents wore mask and raincoats to protect themselves from the ash, drivers turned on their headlights and railways were closed for a short time while the track were cleaned, reports The Washington Post.

The eruption on Sunday is one of the largest [2]that Sakurjima has produced in decades.

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  2. one of the largest : http://www.ibtimes.com/japans-sakurajima-volcano-spews-3-mile-high-ash-plume-its-most-powerful-eruption-decades-1389661

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