Walmart Evacuated, Shoppers Sick After ‘Mystery Spray’ Attack

by Christopher Freeburn | August 20, 2013 11:08 am

Wal-Mart WMT[1]Shoppers at a Walmart (WMT[2]) store in Texas had a nasty experience on Sunday night[3].

Around 9 p.m., local police say that two unidentified young men entered the store located in Harris County and began spraying an unidentified substance into the air. Customers reportedly began sneezing and coughing. The store was quickly evacuated, ABC 13 News notes.

The spray induced some customers to vomit, witnesses said. The men who sprayed the as-yet unknown chemical fled and remain at large.

Authorities say that five shoppers were taken to the hospital. A Hazmat team was called in to check the store. It found that the air quality is now safe.

Earlier this year, a man crashed his car through the main doors of a California Walmart store[4], jumped out and assaulted shoppers before he was restrained.

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